21. Goodbye Canada!

Vancouver Airport, Canada, 10.06.2016.

As expected, I arrived at Vancouver airport really early and now I still need to wait 3 hours until the check in for my flight to Frankfurt will begin. So I still have plenty of time to think about my time here at Canada and to maybe already make some plans for the future.

Thus far, all my blog entries have been in German but I feel now it is time to publish one in English so all the Canadian readers can also follow my thoughts. For you German folks: Take it as an opportunity to train your English language skills. 🙂

In the past 4 and a half weeks, I have had the best time of my life. No exaggeration here. I have met wonderful people, seen beautiful places and sights and enjoyed the rich and diverse Canadian nature. This was an experience that I will always be very very grateful for and it has captured a big and permanent spot in my heart. In hindsight, I think that I should have made this trip already much earlier. In 2005 I put feet on Canadian soil for the first time and this is already 11 years ago. Way too long. As of today, I promised myself not only to return to Canada but also that it will definitely not take me another 11 years to do so. There is still much to see in Canada and I am a lot more excited about doing that than I am to spend time in Africa, Asia or Europe. The good thing is: No matter which part of Canada I will visit next, there will still be a lot of things to see. Even in the places I just visited, I have not nearly seen everything. I could have easily spent another week in Banff, Jasper, Vancouver etc. and still I would possibly not have seen everything there. But then again, it would also be nice to visit those provinces the next time that I have not seen yet at all. Quebec, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Yukon or Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Or maybe return to Ontario and do a little trip over there. Or take the train from east to west through Canada and explore the country like that. Or prepare and take part in the Canadian Death Race at Grand Cache. There are so many possibilities but I have not yet made up my mind what I will do in the future. But one thing is for sure: I will return one day. Maybe alone, maybe I will bring a friend and we will do a road trip together and maybe it is even going to be for a longer period of time and not just for vacation. Maybe even immigration, who knows? I don’t know yet but I will make up my mind and figure out something in the next months. Lucky me, I can take my time with that and I don’t need to hurry and make a decision right now or in the next weeks.

While in Canada, I was frequently asked what my single nicest experience or favorite place was thus far. In the beginning, I still tried to answer that question to the best of my abilities but in the end it became impossible for me to do that. I have had many really great experiences, visited lots of beautiful places and each one was good in another way. There were human experiences, animal experiences, nature experiences, educational experiences, sight- seeing experiences and so on. Even drawing up different categories and trying to find out which were the best related experiences would not be fair or make sense in my mind. But one thing I can say for sure: Meeting you Canadians, talking to you and doing things together with you was the best overall experience of my whole trip. I am very much looking forward to meeting you again and I hope you get into contact with me if you plan to visit Europe in the future. Thank you again for all your support, advise and your company. I am very very grateful for everything that you have done for me!

Jade Statue, First Nations Art, in Vancouver Airport.

In a proper summary, not only the good aspects but also the bad ones must be mentioned. Now, there is not much to write about here. I could start with the price level of accommodation or food being relatively high in some areas (e.g.: Tofino, Vancouver, Jasper) but this is always the case if there are many tourists around. I guess that just needs to be accepted and there is nothing you can really do about it. Then again, it has not at all prohibited me to do the things I wanted to do. Overall, on my trip, time was a great limiting constraint and money wasn’t at all. The second negative thing that needs to be mentioned is the behavior of many tourists here in Canada. I have frequently written about it in the blog and it has irritated me more than once. This again is a thing that can probably not be changed. And I guess that this is also quite normal since tourists will behave similar everywhere they go. So this is definitely not an exclusive Canadian problem. The last thing that struck my attention was the totally different atmosphere and city feeling that I got in Vancouver. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I was a bit irritated after all because Edmonton and Calgary were so different. At least that is how I experienced it. Not that Vancouver was “bad” in any case but some of its aspects, like the traffic or the business-like and detached behavior of some of the Asian people, reminded me a bit of a European city. Now I do like some European cities but I like the Canadian ones more I guess. And I probably have a very incomplete picture of Vancouver so it isn’t really fair to judge the city like this. Also, it may just be a matter of time until one adapts to the different circumstances there and then the city probably feels ”normal”, too. In any case, I do like the Vancouver airport (see title picture) and I would definitely spend some days in Vancouver again if possible. Apart from the aspects mentioned above, which are just very minor points that everyone has to accept when travelling abroad, I have nothing to complain about. Maybe next time I visit Canada, I will try to avoid the very popular tourist spots and focus even more on staying in more remote areas. But I am not sure about that yet…

Now this is it, the last blog entry for this trip. I am already sitting in the boarding area and in 10 minutes, the boarding will start. The flight is a little bit late but we will be alright. Did I mention that I don’t like flying? Oh well, there is no more going back now.

Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 from Vancouver to Frankfurt, 10.06.2016.

Ah, I almost forgot: Today’s music advice. The song is also on Youtube so you can check it out now. I think I don’t need an in-depth explanation why I chose it:

 Skylar Grey – I will return

Thank you all for following my blog and commenting. Hope we stay in contact.

Cheers, take care and GOODBYE CANADA,