27. Berlin- trip and job developments

Siegen, Germany, 15.11.2016.

When I was planning for the Scotland- trip with Glenn, I realized that I had already spent a lot of time visiting non-German cities this year but that I haven’t ever even spent a full day in my own capital, Berlin. Thus, I decided to spend a few days in Berlin before leaving Germany in January 2017 for a longer time. This is what I did last weekend. Aside from doing sightseeing in the city, I also planned to see two friends and former colleagues of mine and the CEO of a small German company that I could work for in Canada.

The “Siegessäule” in Berlin, central point in the “Tiergarten”- Forest.

Overall, I am really glad I made the trip. The weather was okay for this time of the year so I had no problems running around and visiting everything I wanted to see. And Berlin has a lot to offer: Many shopping malls, big and lively public places and streets, churches, political buildings, historical sites and places, museums and many vantage points. Conveniently, many of these sites, especially the most important ones, are all pretty close together. This meant that I could see many of them all in one day. And it was worth it. I felt that Berlin has its own charm and that the city is absolutely worth seeing for anyone: Tourists and Germans alike. In hindsight, I should have already visited the city some years earlier. Anyway, if I have the chance to come back to the city one day, I will definitely do that to see what has changed since I left.

The “Reichstag”, German Parliament.

*** Update ***

I almost forgot to mention a very important detail of the trip. When walking through Berlin, a friend of mine pointed out that the Canadian embassy was nearby. So far so good, nothing really exciting yet. BUT there is an area outside the embassy that is also considered Canadian territory. It is marked with bollards, see photo below. Of course I had to go there and make the shortest visit to Canada ever. Strange though, it didn’t really feel like being in Canada. Anyway, I still wanted to share that experience and post the picture.

Canadian embassy in Berlin.

*** Update end ***

Aside from the sight- seeing I made, I also met two former colleagues and friends of mine. It was really good to see them again after several years and talk face to face instead of writing E-mails or phoning each other. We had great times together and I really enjoyed our lively conversations. Generally, I think it is really important to keep in contact with friends you once made, especially if they or you move away and you don’t see each other regularly anymore. So it was really good to see them again and to renew our friendship. Both of them have always lived in Berlin although their places of work were often somewhere else in Germany. Having seen Berlin’s beauty for myself, I can now understand why they never left the city but instead travelled a lot between their home and their place of work.

The “Brandenburger Tor”, right next to the “Reichstag”.

And how was the meeting with the CEO of the German company? Well, unfortunately, there was no meeting at all. However, I got a phone call from him and we did talk for quite some time. To cut a long story short: I won’t be selling software for his company in Canada because they already decided to continue working together with their current distribution partner. No good news for me because I would have loved to work together with them and to develop the Canadian market on my own. But nothing I can do about that now so it’s best to move on and pursue the other major plan I have.

This means that I will start to look for open positions for the job as a Park Ranger now. And that I will start to apply for these positions as soon as I see them. Also, I will have to start organizing how and when I want to acquire all the certificates necessary for the job. For example, I will have to do some medical training and get a certificate about that as a part of my application. However, I do not yet worry about that since I will probably have enough time in January and February to get all the necessary qualifications. And I also think that any kind of course that I need can be found in such a big city as Vancouver. But I will see about that in the next weeks…

Castle “Bellevue”, home of the German president.

Apart from looking for jobs in Canada, I now started to seriously clear out my German apartment. There are still many pieces of furniture that I need to sell or throw away and many unopened boxes that I need to check for their content. And as I do not want to keep anything that I do not absolutely need, I also need to get rid of most of the things that I will find in my many unopened boxes. Fun times but my apartment currently looks like someone dropped a bomb. 🙂 Anyway, I am confident that I will be able to sort out everything in time, so nothing to worry about in the moment.

Due to certain circumstances, I am a bit sad today so today’s music advice is a rather slow and sad song from one of the best rock bands ever. Rock on, Lemmy!

Motörhead – Dust and Glass