22. Canada reloaded: next stop 2017

Siegen, Germany, 19.09.2016.

A little more than 3 months ago, I wrote the last entry for this blog when I was waiting for my flight back to Germany at Vancouver airport. While writing the blog and waiting for my flight, I somehow felt very sad because I did not want to return to Europe anymore. Anyway, I guess that there are things you can change in life and there are also things you can’t change. At that time, I had to fly back to Europe to deal with all the things that required my attention there: Mainly my appartement in Germany and my job in England. I thought that after returning to my job and having my daily routine again, my great memories of Canada would start to fade sooner or later and I would be happy again in my everyday routine. Well, guess again. It didn’t happen as expected. Instead, I continued thinking about Canada each day and I could not clear my memory of the great experiences I had there. At that point, I knew I had to make a decision. I had basically two choices:

1. The safe and rational option: Keep on working in a good job with good career opportunities and decent pay. This would have meant staying and getting old in Europe and only returning to Canada once a year, if possible.

2. The risky and emotional option: Make a radical change in life, resign at your job, give up everything in Germany and try to make your luck in Canada. The upside of this option is to live where I actually WANT to live but failure to properly integrate/ accomodate is also a real thing.

Two years ago, my decision would have been easy and straightforward: Take the safe and rational option. Listen to your brain. Why should you possibly give up a good present situation for a doubtful future situation that could very well turn out to be less favourable? That does not make any sense, right? Well, after my Canada trip this year I began to think differently. I realized for myself that life should really be about being happy and trying to achieve the dreams that you have. At that point I asked myself what really really made me happy recently: It was my time in Canada. Of course there were also other things that I enjoyed a lot: Meeting friends or family, playing all sorts of games, some aspects of my job, etc.. But all these positive things were not comparable to the great time I had in Canada. So what to do now? Well, I decided that after having made (safe and rational) decisions with my brain for more than 15 years, it was now time to start making decisions with my heart.

Thus, I started gathering information on what my options were to return to and possibly also to work in Canada as soon as possible. Fortunately, as I am not yet aged 35 or older, the Canadian government offers a visa and a working permit in its “Work & Travel”- program. So this is what I applied for in July. At that time, chances to get the visa and the working permit were rather slim. Several hundreds of applicants were fighting over a few handful of permits. Nevertheless, I handed in my application and hoped for the best. I don’t know why it happened but the Canadian Government then decided to make another 1000 working permits available to the current and future applicants this year. That is why I then actually got my visa and working permit in early August, just roughly 3 weeks after I started the application process. This is truly amazing and I am very greatful for that. And this is how it looks like:

Working permit, issued by the Canadian Government

After I received the positive news, I still took my time to think about the future and the consequences of my imminent decision. After two nearly sleepless nights, I then decided to proceed with my plan to go to Canada for a longer time. Thus, my next action was to write my job resignation. Not an easy decision to give up everything you worked for and start something completely new and uncertain. But then again, how can yo be completely happy or sure that you are not missing anything in life if you never take a risk or try something new? With the fresh impressions of my great Canada road trip in my mind, it was now or never to make this decision in my life.

Originally, my plan was to roughly work until end of October, then to take the rest of my holidays and quit the company on November 30th. Thus, I wrote my resignation accordingly. However, I did not consider the possibility that my company could release me from work earlier. This is what happened on September 8th. Now I am still beeing paid but I don’t have to work anymore. Strange world. To me, this feels really odd and it also seems like a waste of resources. But I will not complain about this situation anymore since I can not change it anyway. And on the flip side, I now have enough time to organise my Canada- adventure properly. Also, it allows me to spent some weeks of vacation in Scotland with a good friend of mine in October. 🙂 So I guess everything is fine.

Now, what will be the next steps for me? Here in Germany, I need to sell or throw away all of my furniture and most of my stuff and make sure my appartement is empty at the end of December 2016. In England, I also need to clear my appartment. This, however, will be less work as none of its furniture belongs to me and it can be cleared in a day or so. I guess I will do this in October at some point. And Canada? I will have to intensify my planning and preparation a bit. As of now, I only know that I will be flying from Frankfurt to Vancouver on January 3rd and stay at Dawn’s place in the beginning. Job- wise, I will apply for a position as a Park Ranger in a National- or Provincial Park. As I am very flexible, I will apply for every open position, no matter in which park. We will see what happens….

In the next blog entry, I will possibly write a bit about my holidays in Scotland and my preparation for 2017 in Canada. As usual, the blog entry concludes with a music advice:

Dream Theater – Constant Motion